About us

MTR Media advertising agency has been operating on the market since 1995 – experience gathered during all these years allowed us to strengthen our position and attract regular Clients.

In turnover terms, we are still far from international competitors, but the fact that we provide our Clients with the highest quality of valuable services is enough to keep us smiling in great satisfaction. Our success stems from consistent following of our development strategy that for many years now has been reminding us “to discover new paths”. Another factor that has been vital for our success is our perfectly trained stuff.

MTR Media, full service agency, comprises a media buying house, advertising agency, Internet marketing agency, event agency, PR agency and direct marketing agency.
This structure ensures unique flexibility of all actions.

Each and every Client can count on the dedicated team including MTR Media employees from the appropriate departments. Therefore we are always able to provide our Clients with comprehensive services, short response and delivery time, and integrated activity. We are always looking for new solutions, using state-of-the-art technologies and innovative communication channels.
Our boundless enthusiasm and ambition are ceaselessly forcing us to reach for more and improve our performance – to the point where nothing is impossible.

Media buying house

MTR Media is a media buying house. For our Clients we successfully plan and purchase (…) more

Advertising agency

MTR Media is an advertising agency. We act as creative boutique preparing and producing advertising materials for various (…) more

Internet marketing agency

MTR Media provides comprehensive Internet marketing services (…) more

Event agency

MTR Media is an event agency. We, together with our Clients use events activity as a successful promotional tool (…) more

PR agency

MTR Media is a Public Relations agency. We create image of companies and their products through indirect communication (…) more

Direct marketing agency

MTR Media is a direct marketing agency (…) more


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